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PAGE: Tuition

Payments are due monthly and determined by the number of classes each student takes per month. Regardless of your means of payment, all classes must be paid for BEFORE you take the class. Tuition payments are not refundable.

Payments are the first week of every month.

Registration Fee- $30/year ($15 per sibling, $60 per 3 or more siblings)

Dance Tuition
One class a week --> $50/month                     
Two classes a week --> $90/month

**$10 discount for siblings only without package.

3 Classes/Week-  $120/month
4 Classes/Week-  $150/month
5 Classes/Week-  $170/month
6 Classes/Week-  $190/month
7 Classes/Week-  $210/month

Unlimited Classes- $210/ Month (Dance Only)
Unlimited classes do not apply to special workshops or private lessons.

SPECIAL Class Prices
-Salsa Classes (One 1 hour class/week):   $50/month (per person)
        $75/month (couple)

Theatre Tuition
One 1-hour Kids Workshop --> $15.00
One 1.5-hour Teen/Adult Workshop --> $25.00
One 1/2-hour Private Lesson --> 25.00
One 1-hour Private Lesson --> 50.00
*Private Lessons- Arrangements to be made with instructor.

Music Tuition

Group Piano Lessons      
(1 hour - Only 2-5 students in each class.)
Once a Week- $65/month    

Private Music Lessons (All instruments)
One ½ hour class a week - $90/month                   Two ½ hour classes a week - $145/month
One 1 hour class a week - $145/month   Two 1 hour classes a week - $215/month

All private lessons must paid BEFORE the class.

These prices may vary. If you are interested in taking more than one class, we advise you to speak to the office to arrange scheduling and pricing.

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Payment Information

Payment Options:
Main Office with Cash and Check
Credit Card (2.5% processing fee),
Over the phone (3.5% processing fee), Online on our website (3% +$0.30 fee), Automatic Payment program.
If you would like to register for the Automatic Payment system, you must fill out the yellow Autopay form located in your enrollment packet (3.5% processing fee)

*No credits will be given for holidays (including the 2 weeks vacation in December) becuase Monthly tuition is based off an annual price.

Tuition Payments are NON REFUNDABLE.
Only Credits may be given.

When making a payment by check, please include the following information in the memo of your check.  A receipt is available upon request.
    1. Checks made out to “EVOLUTION”
    2. Student(s) First & Last Name.   
                  (Very important!)
    3. State what you are paying for: 
        “Tuition   Month  ”, “Costume”,
        “Registration Fee”, etc.

Registration will be due every anniversary of your enrollment.

Late Fee: We have a very fair policy regarding our payment for tuition and subsequent assessment of late fees.  Payments are due the first week each calendar month. There is no late fee assessed until after the 14th of the month.  Any account unpaid after the 14th of the month will have a $10.00 late fee. If payments are more than 30 days late, students may not attend.

Returned check: Fee is $25.00

Absences for Dance Classes:
No credit is given for absences. The only option to recover absences is “Make-Ups”, in which the student attends another class of any dance style to make up for missed classes. Time frame is 2 months.
*In order to take a make-up class, the absence must be emailed in advance to (emailevolution@yahoo.com).
*Make-ups may only be used during a month the student is paying tuition.

Absences for
Private Music Lessons:
Because our music instructors make a trip to the studio specifically for ONE student, if there is no 24-hour notice of an absence, there is no make-up class.

There are ONLY Half OR Full month charges. There is no other special proration unless at registration. Half month prices are only with an email notice in advance to
In order to receive the half-month price, all notices must be made no less than 7 days before 1st of the month or 14th of the month.

Canceled Classes:
If an emergency occurs, and a class is canceled, it will be scheduled on a different day and the students will be asked to attend that class to make up for the canceled class. If there is a scheduling conflict with the make-up class, we ask that you make-up in a different class. In case of hurricane, adhere to Miami Dade Public Schools.

Account Changes:
If you change your class style, add or delete a class, will be absent, or would like to pro-rate your monthly tuition...

In person: Fill out clipboard

Not in person: Send an email notice to emailevolution@yahoo.com

Click Here to make a Payment Online!
Can't commit to monthly fees due to too many foreseen absenses?
Then our Open Class Card is for you.

$30 Registration Fee
$100 Open Class Card for 8 Classes
Scan your card with your instructor every class
Open Class Card
Private Dance Lessons
$25 for half-hour
$50 for one-hour