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Free Trial Classes for DANCE only.
Annual Registration Fee (ages 20 and under) $30.00 
                                                                                 $15.00 for Siblings

Option 1= Monthly (*most economical option, make-up classes for absences)
1 Hour a week --> $60/ month  
2 hours a week --> $100/ month  
3 hours a week --> $130/ month  
*$10 deducted for siblings NOT in Packages

4 Hours/week: $155/month
5 Hours/week: $175/month
6 Hours/week: $195/month
7 or More Hours/week “Unlimited Package”: $215/month
** (No Sibling discounts for packages)

Latin Class Couples/Partners: $75/month


Option 2= "Pay as you go" 
Pay by Class: $15

5 Class Card- $70 (exp. 2 months)
8 Class Card- $110 (exp. 4 months)

OPEN CLASS CARDS for Latin Class Couples/Partners
5 Class Card- $100 (exp. 2 months)
8 Class Card- $155 (exp. 4 months)
*Cast Production Company Monthly Fee: +$40/month

Private Dance Lessons: Arrangements to be made with the office and instructor. (Estimated Rate: $50/hour, $25/ ½ hour)


Piano and Voice (Singing)

*30-min. TRIAL LESSON --> $20.00

Private Lessons Session (based off 4 weeks)
FOUR 30-minute-classes (one class/week) --> $95
FOUR 60-minute-classes (one class/week)--> $150
EIGHT 30-minute-classes (two classes/week)--> $150
EIGHT 60-minute-classes (two classes/week)--> $220

One-Time Lessons 
One ½ hour class--> $25.00
One 1 hour class--> $40.00


Private Acting Lesson: Arrangements to be made with the office and instructor. (Estimated Rate: $50/hour, $25/½ hour)

Group Monthly Classes--> $20/class (1-hour)



When making a payment by check, please include the following information in the memo of your check. A receipt is available upon request.

1. Checks made out to “Evolution DPA, Inc.”
2. Student(s) First & Last Name. (Very important!)
3. State what you are paying for: “Tuition (State the Month)”, “Costume”, “Registration Fee”, etc.

The Registration Fee is due with the first payment ($30/year, $15/siblings). Registration will be due every anniversary of your enrollment. New students registering in the middle of the month will have their class charges pro-rated. (No charge for classes missed before the registration).

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, over the phone, or online on our website with Paypal. CHECKS ARE PREFERRED. All prices given are the discount prices when paying cash or check. Payments with credit/debit card are subject to the original price which is 4% more. No credits or make-ups will be given for holidays. 
Payments are NON REFUNDABLE.

Monthly Fee Policies: 
All payments are due the 1st week of the month. Payments made after the 14th of the month are subject to the $10.00 Late Fee. There are no credits or make-up class for holidays. Monthly rates are discounted based on a year of attendance. 

Absences: There are no make-ups for absences that are not email-notified (To: emailevolution@yahoo.com) or texted to the special number used for reminders). completed within 2 months of the missed class(es). 
December monthly rates are only discounted for those with packages (25% off)

Prorating: ONLY ½ OR Full month charges exist. There is no other special proration unless at registration. Half month prices are only with an email notice (emailevolution@yahoo.com): All notices must be made no less than 7 days before first missed class.

Canceled Classes: If an emergency occurs, and a class is canceled, it will be scheduled on a different day and the students will be asked to attend that class to make up for the canceled class. If there is a scheduling conflict with the make-up class, we ask that you make-up in a different class. In case of hurricane, adhere to Miami Dade Public Schools. 

Open Class Card- *Monthly Fee Policies DO NOT apply to the open class card. The open class card is for those who cannot commit to coming to every class, every week. These students must fill out a registration form and annually pay the $30 registration fee. Pricing on previous page.

Returned check: Fee is $25.00

If you change your class style, add or delete a class, please send an email notice to emailevolution@yahoo.com.