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PAGE: Rules & Regulations
2800 W. 84 St  •  Hialeah, FL  •   305-828-0095
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Rules and Regulations

At EVOLUTION Dance & Performing Arts, our goal is to provide the highest quality dance instruction and to uphold a professional elegance.  Whether a student is pursuing a dance, theatre, or music career or simply becoming involved in extracurricular activities, we want your experiences here to be educational, inspirational, and fun.  Dance policies are highly regarded.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations.

1.  All students should be on time or early for their class. Those that are more than 15 minutes late will be asked to watch the class. Keep in mind that all studios are connected to each other, and in order to get to one studio, you have to go through a class that is already in session if you are late.

2.  The dance floor is strictly for dancers and teachers. No parents are permitted to sit in a class- it is very distracting to the students. Please keep all necessary conversation to a minimum in and out of class.  Cell phones must be on vibrate mode. 

3.  No gum, food, or colored drinks of any kind are allowed in the studios (water bottles are permitted in the studios). 

4.  For all children's classes, students are asked to wait outside of the classroom until the teacher or assistant has invited them into the studio.  For older students, if the studio is available for warm up time, we encourage the students to quietly warm up in the class...as long as another class is NOT in session.

5.  The instructors do their best to make sure that students return to their parents in the hallway.  If your child needs to wait for a ride we insist that students wait inside the dance studio doors for safety purposes, as we are not able to control situations which occur outside of our business doors.

6.  We advise that dancers taking a ballet, jazz or contemporary class do not wear their ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or foot paws outside or in the streets. Please make sure you or your child bring their dance shoes in a bag and   put them on once inside the facility, before class.

7. We also advise all drivers to be cautious driving in and out of the plaza, for parents and children will be regularly arriving & departing our studios.

8.  EVOLUTION Dance & Performing Arts has not found it necessary to address this issue, but feel it is worth mentioning.  Our studio is built on the foundation of encouraging each other to do their best.  With anything, a bit of competition is understandable, but we feel it is necessary to mention that we request that all students uphold exemplary character, treat others (students/teachers/parents/office staff) with respect, and encourage positive interaction with classmates.  Degrading comments, swearing, stealing, and harming others verbally or physically is grounds for removal from EVOLUTION Dance & Performing Arts.