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PAGE: Dress Code
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Dress Code
In order to enhance unity and camaraderie among the students, as well as sustain a professional semblance, all students are expected to consistently abide by the dress code. A dress code will also teach students discipline and help overall focus and energy. By "dressing the part," dancers feel like dancers. Dress codes go a long way in minimizing distractions, and help give classes a unified look. We highly recommend you take time to read and fully understand these dress code policies before purchasing any dancewear for our classes.

Each of our classes have a different color scheme so that when a student walks into our facility, we know, just by their attire, what class they are here for.

Ballet Class Attire

All professional ballet classes follow a strict dress code because it ensures that a teacher will be able to see a dancer’s alignment and positioning. The teacher needs to be able to see a dancer's mistakes. Baggy clothing can mask bad habits, making corrections impossible. Our ballet classes require pink or light-colored tights in order to make the lines of the legs visible. Although leotards in other colors may seem “prettier” or “more fun”, we require our dancers to wear plain, black leotards. Fairy Ballet is the only class in which the dancers wear a pink leotard. All pink and black leotards must be PLAIN. No ruffles or decorations of any sort.


Ballet students MUST wear their hair in bun with their class’s flowers for all ballet classes.  Each class is assigned a specific flower color.  Each dancer’s bun must be covered with a bun cover the same color as the flowers, or hair net of some sort (to hold any lose strands the bun may have). Hair and bangs must be slicked back into the bun - NO loose strands of hair. For short hair that does not reach the shoulders, students should wear a headband or use barrettes to secure the hair away from the face. Please ask if you have questions. All dancers ages 11 and under are not permitted to wear strap leotards (shortsleeved only)

- Ballet slippers should be fitted like a sock, but not so tight that the toes curl up.
- Ballet skirts are only to be worn before or after class - not during.
- No bracelets, necklaces, watches or rings. Only stud earrings are acceptable.


Acro-Ballet – Ages 3 -4
-PLAIN, pink OR black leotard (your choice sleeve)
-Pink OR Black Tights
-Pink/Nude Ballet Slippers
-Two low Braids (for the tumbling)
-No Jewelry – Stud earrings are acceptable.
-Biketards are also acceptable

Princess Ballet– Ages 4-5
-PLAIN, pink leotard (your choice sleeve)
-Pink Tights
-Pink/Nude Ballet Slippers
-Pink Hair Flowers & Bun Cover
-No Jewelry– Stud earrings are acceptable.
-Skirts and ballet sweaters are optional

Primary Ballet– Ages 5-7
-PLAIN, black, short-sleeved or long-sleeved leotard (no tank or noodle strap leotards)
-Pink Tights
-Pink/Nude Ballet Slippers
-Yellow Hair Flowers & Bun Cover
-No Jewelry or Nail polish – Stud earrings are acceptable.
-Skirts and ballet sweaters are optional

Grade 1-8 Ballet
-PLAIN, black, short-sleeved or long-sleeved leotard (any sleeve)
-Pink Tights
-Pink/Nude Ballet Slippers
-Hair Flowers & Bun Cover
-No Jewelry or Nail polish – Stud earrings are acceptable.
Skirts and ballet sweaters are optional

HAIR FLOWER COLORS ($7 at studio shoppe)
Princess- Light Pink
Primary- Yellow
Grade 1- Lavendar
Grade 2- Mint Green
Grade 3- Peach
Grade 4- Light Blue
Grade 5- Red
Grade 6- White
Grade 7- Hot Pink
Grade 8- Purple

Jazz & Tap Class Attire

EVOLUTION’s Jazz and Tap classes require the students to wear fitted dancewear. It is important Jazz dancers wear stretchy, comfortable dance wear to class. These classes contain a great deal of stretching and jumps, and the dancers need to be able to dance freely.
Tops: Leotards, tanks, sports bras, etc.
Bottoms: Jazz pants, leggings, shorts.

Black or Tan Jazz Shoes are mandatory for Jazz Class. No ballet slippers or sneakers.
The types of shoes below are acceptable. And, of course Tap shoes are required for Tap class.


-No JewelryStud earrings are acceptable.
-Hair must be slicked back into a bun or pony tail. For short hair that doesn't reach the shoulders,
  students should wear a headband or use barrettes to secure the hair away from the face.

Contemporary Class Attire

EVOLUTION’s Contemporary class also includes a good deal of flexible movement. Although this class involves more of the emotion of the music, some technique is required.

The dancewear is similar to our jazz classes’ dancewear. Dance wear may be loose or form fitting.

Tops: Leotards, tanks, sports bras, etc.
Bottoms: Jazz pants, leggings, shorts.

Contemporary Shoes
Sneakers, jazz sneakers, or ballet slippers are NOT permitted
in EVOLUTION’s Contemporary Classes. Dancers are expected
to become one with the dance floor; therefore dancers must
be barefoot or wear foot paws.

-No Jewelry or Nail polish – Stud earrings are acceptable.
-Hair may be worn up in a pony tail/bun or down/loose freely.

Hip Hop Class Attire

When dancing Hip Hop, it is very important to dress the part. A Hip Hop dancer performs better when they look and feel like Hip Hop dancers. Hip Hop is a very energetic, aggressive dance. Dancers dressed is jazz clothes, for example, may have a tendency of feeling awkward dancing hip hop in dancewear that is clearly designed for more graceful movement.

Hip Hop dancewear is more like urban, street wear. Unlike all of our other dance forms, Hip Hop dancewear is baggy and loose-not always tight and formfitting.

These are a couple examples of hip hop dance style.


No jazz pants, leotards, jeans, jazz or ballet shoes, or jewelry– stud earrings are acceptable.
-Hair may be worn up in a pony tail or down freely.

Breakdancing Class Attire

When breakdancing, it is not just fashion, it is fashion and function. A lot of what a breakdancer wears determines how well he/she is going to perform and pull off their tricks. When starting out, it is best to wear elbow and knee pads. For stunts involving the head, it is important the students wear a thick, cushioning beanie or sweatband.

Essentially dancers must wear comfortable loose fitting athletic clothing that allows them to be free and fluid in their movements.

-Loose fitting pants or shorts
-Shoes- Lightweight sneakers or Athletic trainers, ex. Puma, Addidas
-Warm-up suits
-Form fitting Under Armour is recommended for movements involving the shoulders.
-Knee/Elbow Pads
-Beanies or sweatbands
-Wrist tape is recommended for beginners

No Jewelry.

- All clothing must be fitted

Belly Dancing
-Top: Black sports bra or tank top.
-Bottom: Black spandex shorts, Capri’s or pants.
- Hip Scarf- Any color.

Comfortable dance clothing.
Ladies may wear ballroom shoes.

-Black Leotard
-Flamenco Skirts
-Character Shoes

Theatre and Music
There is no specific dress code for our theatre and music students.  Students taking these classes are not required to abide by any color scheme of any sort. The only requirement is that students wear clothing they will feel comfortable in to class. No clothing with offensive words or slogans.

On the last class of each month, students may wear whatever they like want as long as it is dance attire.