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2800 W. 84 St  •  Hialeah, FL  •   305-828-0095
PAGE: Cast Production Company
CAST Production Company is a selected group of young potential talented dancers in South Florida. Our mission is to provide training and performance experiences for aspiring dancers. This program offers weekly dance classes, performances, workshops, guest intructors,  competitions, castings, company outings and parties.
Our motivation is and will always be inspiring others to express themselves through the arts. Our goal is not to be the best, but to be OUR best. And most importantly, we learn that together, as a family, we can accomplish anything.

1. No annual registration fee.
2. Free advanced Friday class
3. Workshop/Event discounts
4. Cast T-Shirt
5. Snack Bar Access
6. Free studio use during business hours when available
7. Group Outings
8. One Free Monthly Class for parents
9. $30 per registered referral
10. Annual Photoshoot!

If you have any questions, send us a facebook message or email us at
NOVEMBER 7, 2014
Friday @ 5pm