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2800 W. 84 St  •  Hialeah, FL  •   305.828.0095
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EVOLUTION Dance & Performing Arts is a professional arts school that offers comprehensive study to all students, regardless of their ability or reasons for study. The central philosophy of our school is to demand the best of each student whether he or she plans to perform professionally or not. Our delegation is to create and present excellent and innovative fine arts programs for the enrichment and education of our community. Although education, technique, development of mental capabilities, spiritual strength, and physical coordination are the uppermost concerns of our program, a student with the proper amount of training, talent and desire will be encouraged to pursue a professional career in the arts.

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About Us

EVOLUTION Dance & Performing Arts  was founded by Michelle Suita in September of 2009. Michelle, also known as Mimi, has been dancing since age three and playing piano professionally by age 10. She has resided in Miami Lakes and Hialeah Gardens area, since age 8. By age 11, Mimi was dancing professionally in Lil Romeo's music video, assisted workshops in New York with Mia Michaels, Wade Robson, Dave Scott, Luam, and many others.

She had dreams of opening her own dance studio for as long as she can remember. Toward the last year of highschool, she became more interested in theatre and voice. She struggled to find a good school near home where she can take theatre and voice lessons with reasonable rates.

Mimi then knew what she wanted to do... open a performing arts academy that offers dance, theatre, and music classes to bring the arts to Hialeah and her community. Her and her mother, Daisy, began looking for available spaces and found a perfect location near home in July of 2009. Being the youngest dancer to open a dance studio in Miami, with a some paint and a little bit of construction, EVOLUTION was open and ready to offer classes in September 2009. 

Within the first 3 months, EVOLUTION had 100 students! Now the home of over 300 students, Evolution has now held countless productions, wins competitions, is the host studio for the Moscow Nutcracker in Miami, the only studio in Miami accredited with International Ballet Consortium and has become the family oriented home for dancers.
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Upcoming Events

February 11
Costume Money Deadline for June Recital

Competition Month

April 3 & 6
(Wednesday & Thursday)
Ballet Exams

April 14-16
CLOSED for Easter Weekend

May 12
Photoshoot $$ Due

May 21
PTA's Award Gala

May 27-29
CLOSED for Memorial Day Weekend

June 10-11
Photoshoot @ Evolution

June 24
MIAMI Showcase!!!!!
Evolution is the South Florida Home for

Next Auditions

Fall 2017
Congratulations to all our Dancers who participated in
Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker!
Friday, December 30

The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater